Auto Repair

Automotive Repair, Diagnostics & Maintenance Services

Head Light Restoration

Are your head lights glazed over? Not getting the light you need to see at night? It may be time to restore them. Our technician can restore them to like new condition and put your brightest light back on the road.


Window tinting

Cars, trucks, vans, tinting services available


Local Lock Out

Locked your keys in the car? No problem! We can get them for you. We provided a quick local lock out service with reasonable rates.


Diagnostic Service & Referral

Check engine light on? We scan and make recommendations to fix or refer you to the right repair shop that will be able to fix your concern. I personally will be a third party mediator so you can be sure that you’re not over sold.


General Maintenance

We perform most vehicle 30k, 60k, and 90k- general maintenance services.



The cars of today are going farther between tune-ups than ever before. Is your car’s performance and fuel mileage a little less than what it used to be? It could be time for a tune-up; call today and let us get your vehicle running back to its peak                    performance.


Water Pumps

Is your car overheating or loosing antifreeze? You may need a new water pump. A simple pressure test can tell if it’s time to replace your vehicle water pump.


Timing belts

Did you know that your timing belt needs to be replaced every 70k miles to protect your vehicle from serious engine damage? A simple timing belt replacement can save you thousands on unnecessary repairs that could have been prevented.


Brake light on, grinding noise, fading or soft brake pedal, pulsating when stopping? These are all sings of a brake problem.

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