Auto Details in Olympia, Washington

A Wealth of Knowledge and a Passion for Cars, At Your Service!

Are you protecting your investment? Are you aware of the irreversible damage that could be happening to your car, every day? Running your car through the car wash every so often is not enough to protect and restore your investment. Getting on our regular maintenance and detailing plan is the only way to ensure the value and longevity of your vehicle. We will keep track of your maintenance schedule and remind you when it is time.

Auto Detail for Mature Vehicles – Feel Young Again!

Is your vehicle already past its prime? Not to worry we can inspect and restore your vehicle at your home, office, or preferably our shop. Our technician will bring to your attention the areas that can be reconditioned to like new and give you a maintenance plan to recondition the damaged areas of your vehicle that may need more attention to restore. Our goal is to educate you as well as offer top notch customer service.

High End Auto Details – Worth Every Dollar

Do you ever miss that new car smell & shine? It is our business to restore & recondition your entire vehicle from the engine to the exterior coat & finish. We specialize in high-end detailing, general repairs & diagnostic work, as well as odor & mold removal. Best of all we can come to you.

Auto Detail Pricing – We’ll Meet You Where You’re At

Being on a budget is not a problem; we can take a look at your vehicle and your budget to help you experience that “sweet ride” again! Nothing feels better than driving a beautiful, clean car and knowing that you have put together a plan to protect your investment and your pocket book.

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